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Mouse picking help, please

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So tomorrow, i'm going to be buying a new mouse. Problem is, I don't know if the one i picked is the one that's best for what I know.

Picked: Razer Lachesis

Need: A mouse that's decent for FPS, MMO, RPG, and RTS games
Fingertip grip optimized
Red LED or no LED

If anyone has suggestions i'd greatly appreciate them.
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I have a lachesis 5600 and a deathadder 3500 and i can say the deathadder is definitely better for me.

-the DA sensor is better(no z-axis bug) and works on a great variety of surfaces .

-Lachesis behaves orribly on clothpads and has some serious problems on some hard pad too(mionix propus 380).

-DA suites a greater variety of grip styles for me (i switch between fingertip/claw in game and palm grip when browsing) ,but i have fairly large hands and very long fingers.On the other side i found the lachesis to be very good for fingertip(if you rest all your fingers on the mouse) but very unconfortable to claw grip because the sides are difficult to hold with my long fingers.

-Lachesis sensor is more "fluid" when i draw,but the same in game.

-lachesis has more buttons but the two on the right side are difficult to press and the sides buttons feels cheaper

-DA weight is better distribuited and the mouse "feels" lighter

Lachesis is still a very good mouse and i prefer him(and his pte) over any other laser mouse i've used because,whit the exception of the z-axis tracking ,the sensor is flawless on the right surface(roccat alumic,SS 9hd,etc.) .

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