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I always wanted a water cooling system, but been scared to use water cooling. However, my current computer I can tell is starting to lag behind and building a new computer is the only way to see major improvements. However, I won't have enough money to do a full upgrade until early next year. That is why I'm focusing on just buying the main component parts for my new computer on Black Friday deals.

Here are my components.

I plan to transfer my hard drive, Radeon hd 5850, Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium sound card, keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

At the start of next year I plan to replace my Radeon hd 5850 with a GeForce GTX 580 Hydro and add a SSD drive with my current hard drive as a storage drive.

Another major problem is deciding on the psu I need. I'm completely confused as to how much watts I will use and thus what type of psu I need. Currently, I am using a Corsair TX750W, but I have feeling it won't be enough. Especially if later next year I decide to sli two gtx 580 hydros. I don't expect to go three way sli, but two way is possible. My question is to run just one GTX 580 what psu will I need? If I decide to go two way SLI GTX 580, then how much high does my psu need to be? Now if I go two way gtx 580 sli I will need to install a second radiator and possibly add another pump or upgrade to a more powerful pump? Keep in mind I intent to overclock the cards and cpu. Also if I decided to go with only one GTX will my current cpu be enough, the TX750W? I'm guess no since I did some rough calculations and it will take like 600W and 600W/750 gives me a .80, but the psu is two-three years old, which means it's efficiency won't be as good like when it was new. Thus, I'm strongly considering buying a new psu. Just can't decided on what exactly I need.

As for case I been reading that the haf x doesn't fit too well with the RX360 radiator and judging by the pictures I seen the fans are very close to the ram. I can't get over this problem. I also considered the haf 932, but the case design I don't like much. Thus, I settle for the 800D.

For the water cooling kit I was going to buy all the parts, but the kit offers the best bang for you buck when first building a water cooling system. My only concern is the pump and reservoir. Does the reservoir leak? I read some where that they some times leak, but I think it might have been an older model. As for the pump assuming it's not defective how loud is the pump? Only thing I want to change is the tubing on the kit to a clear tube that reacts to uv light. As for kit frozen is offering a discount on the rs360, will it really make that much of difference if I get the rs360 instead?

Actually, I was going to buy all the component parts for a water cooling system separately, but I forgot to include the cost of the pump. The total cost came out to more than 400 dollars. Thus, I just went with the kit and replace the tubing with a uv reactive one, which only cost like 210-230 when you include shipping.

Overall, I will buy all the main components I need to get my new computer running and buy a new gpu and ssd in early January. Sorry for the long post.
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