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One strange paradox of headphone audio is that $15 Koss KSC75 headphones seem to sound better than a lot of headphones that cost two or even four times as much. I have been marveling today again at how much more fun these are to listen than the forum favorites Sennheiser HD555s. The highs and upper mid range have more resolution in the Koss headphones. The sound is less laid back. Bass impact is great. I like the thick, tight midbass that comes out of these on some sound tracks, while the HD555s simply have a polite, somewhat more washed out bass. Listening well recorded music with generous bass guitars and fast drums can be a treat with these.

I am curious about this question now.. which headphones roughly retain sonic signature of KSC75s while decidedly sounding better on most types of musical content? I have heard once that Grado SR60is have similar sonic signature, but are better. Is this true?
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