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yes yes !! like it !!! thanks !!biggrin.gifthumb.giftongue.gif
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Originally Posted by Pelinox View Post

Uncertain if the dimensions are correct; They are the same as the previous posted with RM series, as they seem near identical.

Thx for tryin mate but I guess the "I" is not aligned properly not the color is matchin'.
I will give it a shot on photoshop and see what I can comeup with.
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Can someone please make a blue and black/dark gray label for a TX650 ... (nonmodular btw)

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Hey guys,

I'd appreciate it if someone can create the same as the below picture for the AX860i with the right measurements

Can someone help?
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Could someone create a rm750 with the corsair and amd logo in white next to each other.
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What kind of adhesive paper do you recommend to use for a ink based printer? and, does anyone knows what are the measurements for the little sticker on the back of the psu? the one that is next to the power on/off switch.
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I've searched this thread and can't seem to find the AX760i custom label? Can someone help with this? My AX760i was shipped with the stickers upside down on both sides frown.gif Corsair has recognized this and said I should send it back to the retailer, but its a perfect PSU! nothing wrong with it... Here's a photo of my problem frown.gif looks funny.

Thanks in advance if anyone is able to make the AX760i label, even in the OEM, original colors. biggrin.gif that would be fantastic! biggrin.gif can't wait..thumb.gif
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Could I get a CX750M label? Just with the bits that are green changed to blue. Thank you.
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Has someone created a AX1200i? If so please link and also what are the dimensions of the sticker and has anyone done all 3 stickers? Sides, Top and rear?

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hello would love this for the HX1000i
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