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Overclocking is relatively easy, and requires alot less guess work than overall systems do. There are plenty of guides on here that could help you. I see it this way, if your going to potentially buy more ram anyways, whats the harm in trying to overclock the ram you have to see if you notice a difference.

Most 800mhz ram is actually 667mhz ram that is overclocked to 800 with looser timings and higher voltage. If your ram voltage is 1.8v, there is a chance that you could potentially overclock your ram to 800mhz or higher simply by raising your Dram voltage to 2.0-2.1v and loosening the timings to either 5-5-5-15, or 6-6-6-18. While your board supports a maximum rated value of 800mhz, im sure that you could achieve higher clocks with minor adjustments to Chipset voltage. Which you may have to do anyways with 4 modules.