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Yeah, that's what the reviews seem to be saying, but do you think it'd be better to have a little more overhead for safety and efficiency like Farmer Boe suggested? Safety is definitely #1.
The whole point of buying a high end PSU is to negate the "need for overhead" even though the LZP 550W already provides plenty of it.. safety wise the LZP only lacks a MOV which protects the PSU from surges but since everyone and their dogs use power bars with surge protectors, that's a non issue.. efficiency wise, the LZP 550W will be more efficient At Any Load than any larger unit(Gold or Platinum) wink.gif
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Ah, but will it be safe? Efficiency won't matter if the damn thing combusts. Last thing I need is a fire hazard. I also would like it to stay quiet...and cool, so I'm not so sure about this anymore, I'm leaning towards gold now. Too bad, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. I guess they think not many use something between 500W and 1kW, so that's why no review.

I think I finally found something, the Seasonic X-760 760W. Solid performing unit according to the review on JonnyGuru. It should be enough, though I want to make sure I have the headroom if my 6950 is able to enable the extra locked shaders. Should I step it up 90W-100W or do you think this will work?

I found this site to be very helpful with determining what units have been reviewed and by whom. Clicking on a company takes you to a list of all their PSUs and lists sites they've been reviewed out, including the big reputable three, HardwareSecrets, JohnnyGuru, and [H]ardOCP.
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