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Dont really know what the difference between using memory for AMD vs Intel is but since Im using a build that uses an AMD processor I guess Ill just put this in here.

I recently upgraded my motherboard to the build listed in my sig. Since it is compatible with the faster memory clocks I decided to get a nice pair of 1866s. Im pretty my CPU maxes out at 1600 but since my new mobo supports the new AM3+ cpu's I figured I'd be ready for whatever I get in there in the future. My question is when I installed the new memory I started getting a lot of BSODs ( mostly page fault, system code has been changed, and irq not less or equal). I checked the timing and they were correct, manually set the voltage to factory specs just to be sure and still kept getting these errors every hour or less. I switched the memory out and put the old sticks I had in there (1333s) and have only gotten those errors about once or twice so far (been 2 days). Could memory underclocking be the problem or just bad memory? Since it still has happened once or twice is it possible there is a problem with 1 of the memory slots (since the sticks in there now have been used before and are perfect working order?

Another question if underclocking shouldnt cause any problems since I am not using the full speed of the memory is it possible to speed up the timings on the sticks? Or are they best left alone and just fiddle with the speed?