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Questions about temperatures

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Currently I have:

Processor: (idle @ 37C)
AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition (hasn't been overclocked yet)

Scythe Orochi (with fan underneath, can't fit the fan on top because of case)

Cooler Master Elite 371

Motherboard: (idle @ 31C)
Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H

Case fans
Two Silverstone FM-121s 120MM running at 1,250RPM (1 exhaust rear of case, 1 intake at front)
Zalman ZM-F1 Plus 80MM (No idea where to put it, have it on bottom of case intake)
Enermax T.B.silence 120mm (above heatsink, exhaust)
Cooler Master R4-L4S-10AB-GP 140MM (side panel of case, intake)

Video Card: (idle @ 35C)
XFX 6850 Black Edition (stock cooling)

and right above my video card I have my sound card.

Wondering if I should move my fans around or if the temps are fine. I mainly game, and wouldn't mind over-clocking a few things.
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those temps are fine at present. As long as you keep the CPU at lower than 1.55 volts and 62 Celcius then you are ok. Beyond 4GHz AMD cpus start to need a lot of volts and the heat builds up quick. Your CPU cooler may not be up to it. If you can get 3.9-4.0 GHz then I would be pretty happy with that. Some 955s can do that on 1.44v but others take up to 1.55. or cant get that high at all.
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