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Steam Sales Thread?  

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Hey there folks. I couldn't find a single thread out there that is about the Steam Sales. There is literraly at least 1 sale everyday for a very long time. If people would be interested we could make this thread a thread to talk about the games that are on sale. If there is such a thread already that is about Steam Sales in General than we could move on there...

There are 2 sales right now

1-) Killing Floor is around 4 bucks in the Steam Store now. How are the servers? Does anyone still play this game?

2-) Homefront is around 8 bucks. People hated it but the game is worth the price tag. I liked the single player. It was OK. However multiplayer was so much fun. I just leveled up to level 75. There are usualy 3 or 4 servers which are full in Europe. After reaching level 75 last week i stopped playing but could get back to it. If you decide to buy the game, stay away from the DLC map packs as they are dead, but the DLC shotgun is amazing in the multiplayer.

The reason I want to talk about the sales is that we can give each other valuable information. Steam Forums are also helpful but I respect the community in here more.
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There is one here. Thanks for helping the community. I picked up both games, not sure I'll use either but I own them now.
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As pavix said the thread is in the online deals section so I'm locking this
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