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Memory voltage and energy consumption question

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I'm running an AMD 1100T on an Asus M4A78T-E mobo with 12 gigs of Patriot memory. The problem is that this 12g is composed of two sets (1 - 2 x 2g) and (1 - 2 x 4g) with the larger set running at 1333mhz at 1.5V while the other requires 1.7V to run at that speed. The mobo automatically set it to run at 1066 at 1.5V. My question is, if I manually set the memory to 1333 and 1.7V, what kind of effect will it have on my total power consumption? Thanks!
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Do you really need 12GB of memory? What are you doing that requires more then 8GB? I'm not a fan of mixing memory and I wouldn't recommend pushing the memory rated @ 1.5 volts over 1.55
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Blender. The 2 x 2g can run 1.7V just fine, it's just that I have to run it at 1.7V if I want 1333Mhz.
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From what I've read, it has minimal impact on watts consumed. The article I remember was testing 1.35 vs 1.5 and I think there was <3 watt difference. They tested both DDR3 1600 and 1333. I will try and find the article if you like.
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As noted the increased power consumption will be relatively low with the increased voltage but your mobo may not support 1333 MHz. with four DIMMs installed, especially mis-matched DIMMs. All you can do is try it and see if it boots and runs stable. Most folks only use 8 GB. as it meets most people's needs. 12 GB. does not increase system speed it just allows more apps to be open concurrently.
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Guess it doesn't really matter now anyways. The computer absolutely refuses to boot in any combination other than the one I have currently installed. It won't even recognize the 8gig kit by itself. It even hated it enough that I had to reactivate windows.
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1.7V for 1333Mhz!?  CL9!?

Mixing any memory with different rated voltage is not really a good idea, even if they might require the same voltage/timings.  Most generic (i.e. 1333, CL9) memory should never require more than 1.5V to run properly, as per JEDEC specifications.  Plus you're probably never going to make use of >8GB.  I know I don't make use of more than 8GB and I can be found regularly editing large 1080p AVCHD video files.

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