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I wouldn't want a clone of the IMO but something closer to that yes. It would be so much more awesome than the current AM. I don't think the AM sells well. If that is the case I wouldn't be surprised it is because of the shell.
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Edit out. :)

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Hey, soon im going to buy new mouse and i really like zowie am but im not sure if max speed will be enough for me.

How can i check what is my max speed? Is there any program to check it?

And few questions about ec2 evo:

Is ec2 evo max speed higher than am?

If yes, what is this speed in m/s? (at 450 dpi and lets say 500 hz)

Btw. is the logo or rubber coat wears off in both am or ec2 evo?
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The AM gets at least 3.6m/s at 550Hz. From what I can tell the AM's 450 CPI is more like 500 CPI. I think the PCB is lower than the EC eVo.

The EC eVo gets at least 3.7m/s at 472Hz. The 450 CPI appears to be more like 470 CPI.

The Zowie mice perform better at 500Hz than 1000Hz.

Considering the results from above, the Zowie EC eVo performs better in terms of m/s?
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My AM gets at most a 2.8 m/s on a uniform black hard surface using 500hz. 3.6m/s sounds more like what the 3090 is usually capable of using a standard lens.
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False premise. Tracking speed is limited to surfacing.  Rather subjective.. as enotus can report higher values than true capabilities...

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Well enotus is the only metric we can use and its estimate is good enough depending on surface. I've yet to see reports of it reaching 3.6 m/s. If instead of using it as an 'accuracy tool' it can also be used to measure relative results, and outliers can be negated with more tests.
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True, but it gets interpreted into other means that aren't exactly "accurate". 


Looking at things from my current POV, it seems quite silly. Carry on tho~

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Originally Posted by end0rphine View Post

My AM gets at most a 2.8 m/s on a uniform black hard surface using 500hz. 3.6m/s sounds more like what the 3090 is usually capable of using a standard lens.


For whatever it means here is Enotus. Used a black cloth. Tried Shiden Kai got similar results.
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Thanks for answers, i think something around 2.8 m/s will be enough for me.

Since my G400 cord broke i want to buy some smaller mouse and until that i got some "non gaming" crappy mouse and its skipping like hell and hit malfunction speed all the time.
I made enotus test out of curiosity and the score for this mouse was 2m/s. Thats why i wasnt sure if should buy am / ec considering max speed of those mice is not so much higher that 2m/s.

BUT this enotus score had to be wrong because i did test again today with the same mousepad and it showed around 1m/s and i think this score is more trustworthy.
So i think max speed of am or ec will be enough for me since its over 2 times more than 1m/s and im not that low sens player ( 30-35cm / 360 ).

So now i have hard time deciding between am or ec2 evo. Both of them have the same great sensor so its only matter of shape.
Previously i had G400 and i was using palm grip in most of cases except more complicated movements ( cs 1.6 ) then i was using fingertip / claw grip.
But G400 was bulky and not comfortable to use fingertip or claw grip.

And it seems like ec2 evo might be really good choice for me cause it looks like good mouse to palm but at the other hand is not as big as G400 so i can hopefully use fingertip or claw grip too thumb.gif

Few more questions:
- Could anyone who got both mice compare size of G400 and ec2 evo? Some photo would be great biggrin.gif
- Will ec2 evo perform good on black qck+ ?
- Is rubber coating or logo of ec2 evo peeling after some time of usage? Is this material more like sides of mx518 ( soft rubber ) or G400 ( hard rubber? / plastic? )
- Is the scroll of ec2 evo a real problem? I heard some bad opinions about it, but if its a bit harder to scroll than G400 then its not a big issue.

Thanks in advance wink.gif
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