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I switched the original LMB TTC to a microsoft wmo switch button, I also shorted the shell-travel with few pieces of sellotape, so now the distance between the shell and the switch is much shorter.


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in my experience, the tape will not stay where it should for long time.
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I added some more after i took the picture and made sure it's attached
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it's like it gets rubbed off from frequent buttonactivation.
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Hi im about to get the kinzu v2 White... have a few question

1- did they resolve the issue with the jump issue in this mouse, with a firmware?
2- i just use 800-900 dpi will i be ok? Playing Starcraft2 and BF3 mostly

any thought?
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Yes they did it was probably the first thing they fixed that and the mouse feet and if you use less than 800dpi you should be good.

its perfect for me since i play most fps's at 400dpi
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Right. On a mouse you should be forced to use lowest cpi setting to "work" properly. That's logic =)
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So here's the thing (hopefully I can get a response) I used to own the original Kinzu, loved the size and shape but came to realize and understand that the sensor was beyond ****ed (excuse my french) causing acceleration so I moved on to the DA, it's an amazing mouse, has amazing traction and control but the size just doesn't suit me, I love the claw grip and have pretty massive hands and love the kinzu so my question is does the Kinzu V2/Pro have the same control as the DA? I play on 400 dpi / 500Hz and in game CSS is 1.0, so fairly low and very controlled, I play other games like HoN/D3 ect on the same settings. I have a QCK+ mousepad.
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Originally Posted by Luhz View Post

Tested out my Kana in paint and in a 30min CPMA match against bots. 400dpi/500hz.
I couldn't get the jump bug to trigger in paint with the Kana. I don't think this is something I could miss, I got it to happen with the Kinzu V2 Pro and it was very noticeable.
I don't play with the lowest sensitivities, but I didn't have any problems with control or malfunction speeds with the Kana. (2.8 sens / 400 dpi; ~37cm/360) I let Enotus run while I played and it read a maximum of 1.56m/s, so obviously I don't get that fast.
I tried the same thing on the same settings with the Kinzu V2 Pro. I only played about 10min of CPMA because I could very easily hit the malfunction speed and it was intolerable (would jump my cursor down so I would be looking at the floor). Enotus read a maximum of 1.65m/s with the Kinzu V2 Pro, but I'm guessing that's only higher than the Kana because it reads incorrectly when the mouse malfunctions.
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Originally Posted by woll3 View Post

So this is basically saying playing on a low sense like I do the new kinzu is still poop? Went from a acceleration problem to a low sense problem?....
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