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ASRock P67 EXTREME6 (B3) is on a fire sale right now.

It looks perfect except for some reviewers complaining about USB 3.0 (and 1 PCI slot is completely useless on this board but I don't care about that).

1) "It doesn't work/it's unstable"
2) "It freezes/reboots the CPU"
3) "You can only use mobo 3.0 OR usb 3.0 front board" (huh?)

Can anybody confirm or deny if USB 3.0 works properly on this board? Can you use both the rear and front (case) ports at the same time?

I know a lot of this could be user error, not installing drives, etc.. so that's why I'm consulting you guys.

I don't want to have future proofed my parts only to find out I got a bad USB 3.0 board.