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Ok i hawe that board a few days just got it from a frend he was runing his E6300 on it and some DDR2 800 mhz stable hes not a clocker intusiast like i am god for him cose hes sleeping now and me at this time till late heures clocking testing blabbla rebooting and again testing and so one smile.gif

no ,,,real my problem is i set the jumpers on the damn board on 1600 so board starts my cpu directly on 400 FSB what means 3.6 gig just my ddr 3 ram seems to be not working with that fsb speed so i hawe to start it under 667/1333 which is normal, on that option is somthing like 766/1500 i hawe aoption in bios 400/566/ 766 so 566 is working but cpu z sais FSB:DRAM 5:6 hmmm ok whan i go to chose 400 for memorie cpu z says FSB:DRAM 1:1 ok

but than i hawe other trouble that realy kills i just cant get the board moore than 420FSB so to 3.8 gig and thats it my E8400 just wont go moore and with that ratio settings 1:1 which would be than example 445 for getings 4150 mhz no chance blue screen ????

the baord eawen dont start whan i use defaulth settings jumpers on 1333 which would be for my cpu 333 FSB 3 gig speed, whan i go to chose than between the 3 options i hawe in bios for my ram ( 333 / 800..)...........( 566 / 1066 )............( 667/1333 ) so onley the first 2 works 333 and 566 but why my DDR 3 rams doesent wont to i dont get it i asumme there that the cpu is on its normall non overclocked speed so the ram would be starting whidout eany troubles on its originall 667/133 mhz and FSB:DDR RATIO 1:1

ohhh i think the board is s...t cose it doesent let me go over 420 fsb and not req. DDR 3 1333

normaly i hawe done a lots of clocks and wery good ones like with my sohn pc P5Q-E E8400 runs daily on 4150 mhz on factory cooler 35 stbay nd use 49 degree ...ddr2 800 4gig.....

HELP please hope i dident write to complicated but i just nead sombady whoo hade this troubles with the board