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MW3 Game Connection issues (360)

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So, all last week I was able to play Mw3 Multiplayer with no problem, but now, this week, I can't seem to get any games. And when I do, I have a 1 bar connection . And my computer has network issues too. I usually a pretty agile connection too (like opening up 10 tabs and not waiting more than 10 seconds for each tab.) . I've been able to get all the way to 3rd prestige with no problems. So, whats up?

I've restarted both router AND modem three times, I've let them sit for 30-ish seconds, and then I reconnect them, and let them start-up and still games don't come. This problem is with all computers in my house. I've restarted the xbox who knows how many times, and same goes with the 8 computers in my house. So, after all the trouble-shooting, what t=do you think is going on? And do you have any trouble-shooting steps for me to take? smile.gif



P.S. You might need these:

Specs for stuff:

Xbox 360 Mw2 Elite 250GB HDD
Microsoft Wireless Internet Adapter For Xbox 360
Mw3 Prestige edition (Not that it matters :3)

Cisco 2203C Modem.
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If you're having problems with both Xbox Live and your computer, then the issue isn't the 360; contact your ISP and tell them the issues you've been experiencing.

Go to Speedtest.net and see what speed you are actually getting. (Make sure to do this when you are having the same issues you've been having)
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