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Asrock Dual Sata2 939 CPU volt mod

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I'm going to be doing the volt mod on this board in a couple of days, and just wanted to ask a few questions / get some opinions before I go ahead with it.

- I don't have a very good soldering iron (but it does work), so I was considering using conductive paint or a defog repair kit to "bridge" the connections. Yay or nay?

- Asrock Dual Sata2 939 owners/users that have done this mod. Have you had any issues in the long run?

- Is there anything else I should know about? Example: Set the Vcore in BIOS to 1.xxx BEFORE you do the pin mod, or something along those lines, so it doesn't run stupidly high voltages on the first boot.
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Alright, so I went ahead with the Volt mod. For anyone interested in doing this I'll post a little info.

Before I even took the mobo out, I set the Vcore in the BIOS to 1.025v and dropped the multiplier to x8. This game me 1.6ghz. I did this because I could not get a straight answer on what Vcore would be with stock 1.35v set in the BIOS.

Btw, this Volt mod increases Vcore by 0.40v. Which is why I chose 1.025 for the first run. 1.025 + 0.040 = 1.425vcore. I wanted to avoid a possible overvolt of 1.8vcore on the initial boot.

I used electrical tape to mask off all the other chips around the board to avoid accidental soldering of another point on the board. I highly recommend doing this, because it is an extremely small area that your soldering.

So down to business. After I soldered the connections and triple checking with a magnifying lens, I put the mobo back in the case, hooked it up and booted to the BIOS. Sure enough, Vcore was 1.425 (It was set to 1.025v in the BIOS). After playing the the HTT and voltage, I eventually hit a point where I had to clear the CMOS.
I was very worried about this, because If i rest the CMOS I also reset the Vcore. Which at this point I'm thinking 1.35v stock + 0.40 = Fried chip. I cleared the CMOS booted to the BIOS and much to my suprise it was 1.35vcore.

Using the stock voltage (1.35v) in the BIOS actually sets the Vcore to 1.35v, so that's good. Resetting the CMOS is not going to overvolt the chip to hell tongue.gif


I was actually pretty disappointed with this Opteron. Anything 2.5ghz or over required in excess of 1.55v and Prime would fail about 2 minutes in. All in all I was only able to squeeze another 80mhz out of the chip and it took 1.45vcore to do it. Temps were decent, but with a good cooler I'm sure it could handle 2.5ghz.

If I would have know 80mhz was all I was going to get, I probably wouldn't have even done it. Even still, its 80mhz that I didn't have when I woke up, and I learned a thing or two.

Good luck to anyone doing this thumb.gif
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