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Hello!I am new at this forum:p.So...
Name:Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T5800
Code Name:Merom
Tehnology:65nm Core VID 1,250V
L2 Cache:2048Kbytes
Bus Speed 199.3 Mhz or 199.5 Mhz
Rated FSB:798...its 800 Mhz
Shocket P(478)

Chipset:Intel PM45 Rev. 0.7
Southbridge:Intel 82801IM(ICH9-M) Rev. 0.3
BIOS brand:Pheonix Technologies LTD v1.36
I have Acer Extensa 5630 laptop...biggrin.gif

I know is not recomend to make overclock and the pc or laptop will have an incresed heat ....but just tel me how to make the overclock.thumb.gif
Thanks you!smile.gif