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Hey guys, I've had my Corsair 600T SE for a few months now and the fans don't seem to be drawing enough power or something causing them to wobble. I noticed that my temps were up and the front 200mm intake was completely stopped at one point, but I never noticed it since the LEDs were still on. Is it common for these fans to die like this? I'm hesitant on requesting an RMA since I recently requested one for my side window since it came scratched. I don't want them to be all, "What's this guy trying to pull?". I may YouTube the fans to show evidence. If it's a common problem I'll RMA it since Corsair probably knows about it. So, is it common for these fans to go bad?

Edit: The reason I'm hesitant the RMA is because I don't want them to think I'm after free parts. When I used to have my 902 one of the fans went bad. Antec stated that I would have to send it in for testing because they used to send them out to their customers no questions asked, but people started abusing this even if they didn't own an Antec product. So, they were just losing money. I just don't want them to think that I'm trying to take advantage of their CS.
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