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I recently built a new system with the following specs:
- Intel DX79SI Motherboard
- Intel i7-3960x
- Intel RTS2011 Cooler
- Corsair TX750 PSU
- 32GB Ram (Kingston 8GB x 4)
- 240GB Kingston Hyper-x SSD (Primary Drive)
- 600GB WD Veliciraptor
- 300GB WD Veliciraptor
- 2GB AMD 6970 Video
- Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit
- Currently not overclocked at all

For the first two weeks the system was solid and stable everything worked perfectly. In the last two days I started to get random crashes where it would shut down and then go into a boot loop (constantly re-booting before reaching post). The first time it did this I unplugged the PSU and and plugged it back in. It then re-boot fine and seemed to work fine until the next day where it once again crashed and went into the loop. I have since tried unplugging and replugging the PSU without success. I also tried testing with less memory and without the video card to eliminate those components, but this has not helped.

Considering how new this board and chip are, I can't seem to find much help online, so if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate the help.
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