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16gb dual channel Bsod

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Hi Guys

I'm new to overclock.net and even newer to 16gb ram club. I have a problem a 80-90 BSOD's from feb 2010 using Gskill ripsaw dual channel ram.

I have MEMTESTED with 4 dimms with ram and individual and all passed with flying colours, but, as soon as I put all the ram in the system falls over just running things like Microsoft Safety Scanner (full scan).

I've read somewhere that I cannot run 16gb dual channel over 4 dimms even though my Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H can handle 16gb.

I am not even sure if I am in the right forum as I have AMD Phenom II 1090t Black cpu and I think this may be a intel forum. Sorry if I'm in the wrong place but if anybody can help me I would have thought it would be you guys with past history of 16gb setups.


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Blip up your CPU/NB voltage a couple clicks.
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Hi and thanks for quick reply,

What amount would you recommend ram can go up by a further 1-1.5v but I'm not sure about cpu? Don't want to fry anything at my first go. wanted to get into folding at home but everytime I left my pc on overnight it crashed.

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CPU/NB would be fine at 1.35 or so.
This would be unrelated to your RAM voltage, I would also make sure your frequency, timings and RAM voltage are what's on the label as a baseline (typically 1.65).
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cheers beers!

will give those settings a go...is this a common problem when all four dimms are used in sual channel?
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Usually have to bump it on mine to get aggressive timings to be stable (settings that work on 2 sticks need a bump to work with the same stability using 4 sticks).
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