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Asrock Dual Sata2 939 video issues

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The Asrock in my sig rig (Optapus) has been acting flaky lately. I've adjusted pretty much everything possible in the BIOS and I cant seem to solve this problem.

Issue #1:

The first issue was I couldn't raise the HTT past 260 without needing to reset the CMOS. After I removed both rams sticks on the second channel (2x 1gb // 2x 512mb, I removed the 2x 512mb sticks) I could boot up until 270 (270 w/ a 9x Multiplier btw). Anything past that I have to manually reset the CMOS jumper.

I have the OCWorkbench Beta 8 Bios installed, so I should be able to get above 275 HTT but for whatever reason it refuses to do anything past 270 regardless of voltage, CPU speed, ram timings and ram speed.

Issue #2:

At complete random times, the screen will just go black. Its still running, sound is still playing etc, but I have no video and I'm forced to reboot. When I first installed the OS I installed the ULi drivers first, followed by the ATI drivers for the GPU. Just to make sure, I uninstalled everything and re-installed the ULi drivers then installed the ATI drivers.... No difference.
Pci-e clocks are @ 100mhz btw.

- Temps are excellent on everything.
- No errors on Memtest
- Can run Prime95 for hours @ 245 HTT (2.45ghz) with a 133 ram divider. Using the 166 divider causes the no video issue soon after prime starts.
- Programs such as Aida64 / Everest act goofy. It will show the motherboards serial numbers as "000000" and nothing is shown under SPD. CPU-Z shows ram on the 1st slot (shows nothing under 2/3 and 4) with complete random serial numbers or speeds. ie, once it showed the ram was rated at 5000mhz.....?

Any advise on what to do here? I know the CPU / RAM and GPU are good because they were pulled from a working system. The only thing i can think of is a bad PSU (Thermal-take Power-plus 420w) or I need to re-flow the board.
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Did You check RAM frequency?
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Yes I did, I also tried a couple other settings. *Prime95 was ran using the blend test*

- I dropped the ram divider all the way down (DDR200), raised the HTT speed to 250 and ran prime. It ran for 2 hours without errors.

- I did the same as above, expect I raised voltages up on the ram (2.7v, and 1.55vcore) while also running furmark in the background. I did this to load the hell out of the PSU to see if it was power related. Prime and Furmark ran for 2 hours solid with no problems.

- The third run I put the ram divider to 133 and kept the HTT at 250. The ram speed was 170 something MHZ (DDR340) and ran Prime again (without furmark this time). Once again Prime ran for 2 hours solid with no errors.

After that I pretty much called it stable. A couple hours later I'm surfing the internetz and decided to check the weather. As soon as I went to the new channels webpage..... Black screen and it rebooted itself. I booted it back up and went to a couple other pages (not going back the news website) with no problems. I go to my ISP's website to check email.... Once again, black screen and I'm forced to manually reboot.
I have no clue why it does that. I can play Dirt 3, GTA4, and a couple other games with no problem at all. It does it at completely random times for no real reason at all.
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