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xD no, I'd rather not kill the card, that's not cool >_< killing poor innocent cards is not my way.
BUT, I have this HUUUUUGGEEE heatsink from an electric heater which I'm thinking of retrofitting on top of the default heatsink; that should let me go up to 900MHz core and 1800MHz shaders.

Anyways, the main topic here is if anyone KNOWS how to voltmod the GT 430, not telling people that their card sucks and it's not worth it =D
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RT9259 is your IC for GPUv ..shown in upper left corner of first pic.


 FB pin is your mod point.. trace the pin to its connected resistor... there you can pencil for GPUv.

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Wow thanks for taking the trouble to find the chip! NOW we are going somewhere!
I guess I'll have to be the first person to voltmod this card then since nobody has done it before.
(I checked Google for many hours, but the GT 430 hasn't been voltmodded yet, BUT even a crappy 8400GS has been voltmodded? That is ridiculous!)

I have a question: After tracing pin4 to the resistor that I find, would you rather suggest that I should pencil-in the gap? or can I use a potentiometer so that I may vary the voltages? That sounds a bit safer I think...
Anyway, this diagram should explain what I mean to say...
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if you can solder without destroying the GPU.. you can solder VR right to FB pin on the IC... and use pin#14 for ground, and the other leg on your VR... or attach some wires to locate the VR elsewhere. 


*If not- you need to trace the FB pin to its connected resistor. You do NOT need to replace it.. you need to pencil on it to lower resistance. This will suffice to test mod before a more permanent mod can be done.. like soldering a VR or a new resistor.


 You will need a Digital Multi Meter to measure resistance at the FB pin and/or its connected resistor. This initial value helps to calculate the size of the VR required for the mod. Without regurgitating everything already on the internet.. look up the Vmod section has some nice guides to better explain what your going to be doing. Once you understand and have the tools, you can post back with your results.. there will be no further explanation needed. ;)

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Ok, thanks for the clarification! All I need is a multimeter and a potentiometer (I already have a soldering iron =P) to mod it.

And actually I was thinking more of soldering the resistors in parallel with each other (starting with a high resistance of course, then decreasing it slowly by turning the knob on the VR while measuring the voltage with both HWMonitor and the multimeter.)
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yes ;) your potentiometer with be found using following formula, once you measure stock resistance value from 'FB'


VR = [20* R] 


or 20x the stock resistance on FB = potentiometer required for mod

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