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Well RTS is fun but there are a few things that still need to improve to make them feel like real battle in the middle of a war.

First off remove resource gathering all together.

Sectors like in COH but instead of giving resources they instead increase the rate of reinforcement I'll explain this below

Allow units to do several standard combat maneuvers, such as dig in, where by they build a fox hole and have better protection from mortars, grenades and artillery fragmentation.

Instead of sectors granting say a traditional resource needed to build more units, instead make them more logical in significance. Such as one sector at the center of it is a 2 story building or a tall hill that grants increased sight range in that sector to infantry, and increased sight range to all artillery and mortars, this works based on the idea of targeting spotting. While another sector could be a vital bridge or choke point.

Now what i meant by reinforcement's is that the more sectors you control the faster reinforcements arrive on the battlefield. And say you capture a main bridge or road way, they can also grant a small bonus.

Reinforcements would work in a manner where by you can choose to reinforce a tank, an infantry squad whatever you need, but at a set ratio, we know in real combat you don't operate 100 tanks without a single infantry man. So for you to request a tank you need to have a minimum of 4 squads of riflemen or equivalent. This keeps the game balanced and also forces you to choose.

I think this would make for a much better RTS and require by far a much larger capacity for tactics and advanced planning. Share your thoughts.