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6870 aftermarket cooler to reduce profile? (Single Slot)

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I just purchased the Asus Maximus Gene-Z, and am curious about trying Crossfire.
I would very much like to have the bottom PCI-E 4x slot available for my Firewire adapter.

I'm guessing that both double and single slot GPU's are identical in terms of PCB, just the cooler is bigger, and takes 2 external slots on the case for the I/O.

Is there type of aftermarket cooler that would allow me to replace the stock one in order to convert the internal portion of the GPU to take up a single slot?
Giving it a much thinner profile in order to free the 4x slot that would otherwise be covered.

Thanks to anyone who contributes XD
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I'd like to know as well actually. I'm gonna sub this thread and see if anyone knows. Good question.
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Glad I'm not the only one.

Basically I need enough room for a pci e 4x riser cable, since the adapter will obviously not be able to use the same case slot that the GPU is using, unless you physically modify the GPU.
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Yeah I was thinking of getting that mobo a few months ago, but thought it to be oo cramped so I'm just going with a Asus P8Z68Pro/Gen 3 mobo instead, but I still was thinking of getting a aftermarket cooler for my two 6870's
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I see 4 options.  Each has its pros and cons.



1. The only aftermarket cooler that ever comes close to being 'single slot' is Thermalright's Spitfire. The cooler actually makes a 90-degree turn to move the heatsink around.


Big Question:- does the Arc Mini has that space so that the Spirfire does not hit the side panel?


2. If your Firewire adapter card is short enough like the one shown below, perhaps you can use a H50 type of cooler onto the GPU.

firewire pcie.jpg

asus maximus iv genez.jpg


See this thread for the idea:-



Big Question:- does the Arc Mini has internal space to mount the radiator fan?


3.  Buy Powercolor single slot HD6850 1GB and crossfire with your HD6870.

Obviously this will not be as good as two HD6870s. But you can overclock the HD6850 to recover a portion of the loss.

Product link:- http://www.powercolor.com/us/products_features.asp?id=342

Amazon link:- http://www.amazon.com/PowerColor-DisplayPort-PCI-Express-AX6850-1GBD5-I2DH/dp/B004ZH13K0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1324557510&sr=8-3


4. Finally, you just sell your HD6870 and buy a HD6990 (or Powercolor HD6870x2) to play with crossfire.

A typical HD6990 measures 305mm which can fit into your Arc Mini, if you take away the removable HDD cage.


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