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Hey guys, onto my second build. This will be a slow process. Piecing together parts as I can, since it does not need to be done right away.

My main concern is for it to be very powerful, and portable. The Mini Tank is not really a small case for ITX, but small enough, but with enough space/cooling to do some pretty interesting things.

To start-i am building this rig mainly for my wife, but also to be ready for LAN use.

I bought Paraleyes build, the Cubitek Mini Tank and Corsair TX650 sleeved PSU, and am going to continue off that build, and finish her up. Plans on the case would be to cut out and do a window mod on the side panels.

So far I have
Cubitek Mini Tank with Xigmatek fans, Modright Noise Dampening material (all done by Paraleyes)
Corsair TX650 sleeved orange/black PSU (by Paraleyes)
Asrock Z68M-ITX/HT board (New from hardforums)
Antec H20 620 CPU cooler
Samsung BluRay player
Samsung f3 1TB

Parts Needed (looking for)
Ram-8GB atleast, preferably G-Skill
Video Card-Looking 6950/70 or 580, or even a 7XXX series
CPU-Will take my i5-2500k out of my Phantom when the Ivy gets released
SSD-Crucial 64 or 128GB
HDD-Need one more F3 1TB for raid 0

Eventually, would like to do a full water cooling build in it, as it seems to have the room....

Pictures to come when I get home!