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I've tried Samsung's migration software and it's ok if you only have a couple of partitions to transfer. Three partitions are iffy and four just won't happen. I've had excellent luck using Macrium Reflect Free to clone a HDD to a SSD (Reflect is also an excellent imaging program). I run the WEI afterwards to ensure TRIM gets turned on and run AS SSD to check to make sure the SSD is properly aligned. One should also check to make sure auto defrag is turned off on the SSD.

Yea I only have 2 partitions to transfer. I am going from the 840evo to the 850 pro. If I use Magician after I use the migration software won't that turn trim on automatically especially on rapid mode? I already have AHCI on my motherboard set on. My main concern is just not to lose any read or write speeds by doing this on my new SSD. Will it be a straight copy or am I better off using the software you suggested? Don't want to see a damper on my new speeds. Will be using my old 840evo and 830 just for games biggrin.gif

I also have AOMEI to partition and edit drives but I don't know if it will do a straight copy with SSD's and not affect performance.
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