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Yeah they can be confusing with labels in the bios. Should see a value with x14.5 or similar beside it, actually it might say AUTO untill you change it.
And knowing how to reset Bios is going to be important if you overshoot and it wont even post.
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Okay I looked up your motherbaord. The overclock options are under Advanced Settings, then goto CPU Configuration. You should see an option for CPU overclocking, it will be set to AUTO or DEFAULT. Change this to manual and it will give you some more options.

CPU/HT reference clock - This will let you change the Front side bus MHZ. Leave this alone for now.

Look for
CPU RATIO [AUTO] - Change this to Manual Option.

Now you can adjust the multiplier Value. Should be able to get 3.9 across all core without touching voltage. I thinks its 19.5 for that.

Beyond that im still working on mine.
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What settings should I have on my multiplier and stuff cause I got stock cooler AND cba to buy aftermarket 1 thanks in advance
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My motherboard is Asus M5A88-M EVO got CPU cooler 2x200mm fan, 1x140mm fan so all good and got 700w power supply don't wanna oc ram just CPU what speed do u reckon I'll get?
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Ok i found the option but it froze at 18000 mhz and at 17000 i get blue screen error stop 0x00000101
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Hmm what multiplier are you using. It should total to 3.3ghz when your at the stock multi of like 14 or so then go up from there. Might need a bit more voltage but I havent touched mine yet. Try to set it at 3.9 ghz to start i think its 19.5 for that. Thats the factory turbo speed. If you see a turbo setting in there you might have to disable it.
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Am I reading that right are you saying its 18000 mhz which would be 18ghz? or 1800mhz 1.8ghz which would be lower then factory. Both would probably cause problems. Maybe not the lower clock never tried going that way.
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When i muultiply on 19 cpuz s ays 1800 mhz
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Hmmm, Does it show your FSB speed it should be 200 but it sounds like its 100mhz for some reason. Becasue 19.5 x 200 = 3.9mhz.

Anyway you can take a picture of the screen your looking at possibly? Just wondering what everythign else is set at.

Oh wait a minute, CPUZ? try doing something with comp and watchign it. Does it show a multi in brackets beside each core? Like 1800 MHz (9x) ?
Thasts what im trying to solve on mine. Its like it has some kind of built in Dynamic power saving feature that lower multi when not throttled.
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cpu z sais my bus speed is at 200, how do i make pictures of the bios or cpu z if thats what you need?
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