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It depends, some games such as Starcraft 2 are more CPU dependant while some other such as Battlefield 3 are more GPU dependant.

As long as you pair up your i5-2500k with a good GPU, you will be able to run things maxed (or almost) for 2-3 years.

My 2600k is currently at 4.6 ghz and its really overkill. Currently paired up with a GTX 560ti 448 cores it performs a bit less than with the 2 GTX470 SC i still had in SLi 2 weeks ago (sold them because I was getting tired of noise and heat).

That being said, I can currenly max out ANY game at 1920 x 1080 beside BF3. With BF3 i have to turn MSAA down to 2x instead of 4x *with everything else maxed) due because of the FPS drops I get due to a lack of VRAM on that single video card(Not a CPU issue). I might put another 560ti 448 cores jsut for the hell of it and my i7-2600k would be more than enough to handle it, probably even 3 video cards if I decided to go nuts.

Also Sandy bridge processors can very easily get very high overlocks.

Hope that helps