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[Work in Progress] First Water Cooled Build

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I finally ordered most of the parts to liquid cool my system. My original plan was to run a pair of 240 rads in my CM 692 Advanced using the modest components in my sig rig, but the water cooling bug bit hard. I've decided to build a semi-extreme system in an M8 or T10. My current goal for this project over the next few months, which may change depending on what new hardware might be released:

Case Labs M8
ASUS Maximus IV Extreme
2600K or 3770K(have to wait for the reviews to decide)
Seasonic 860 Platinum
ASUS Xonar Essence STX

Water Cooling:
EK Supreme HF - Received
EK FC580 DCII x2 - 1 Received
XSPC RX360 x2 - 1 Received
MCP655 - Received
EK FC Bridge
150 or 250 tube reservoir - Received
XSPC Compression Fittings x10 - 6 Received
XSPC 1650rpm fans xTBD - 3 Received
Primochill 1/2x3/4 clear tubing - Received, but going to need more

Reusing from what I already have:
G.Skill Ripjaws Z 4x4GB
OCZ Agility 3
Samsung Spinpoint F3
Dell U2311H

Due to space limitations inside the current case, the majority of the setup is going into its own enclosure for now. I'm building the radiator housing while I wait for the stuff to ship. I'll be switching over to Case Labs when funds allow.

Finally got some pictures taken, although lighting in my apartment is terrible.

Size comparison between radiator housing and 692 Advanced

Discussion and critique is welcome.
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Homemade is always the best!

Personally I like keeping my external water cooling connected to my case so that I may transport it up/downstairs whenever I please.

Although in your case you have the advantage of better cooling: more air space, hook up to AC or window, more space in your case.

Would like to see the final project!
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The majority of my water cooling components showed up. Due to changes in my build plans, I may put the CPU under water for now, but I'll probly wait and plumb in the whole system at once.

Not nearly as impressive as most of the parts piles around here, but there it is:

Pump, radiator, reservoir, and fans mounted. I have what's left of my tubing looped between the pump and radiator to keep contamination out until I'm ready to hook it up.

View of the front
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