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"The Stream Machine"

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Hey guys, I'm pretty new hear. I started a introduction thread HERE which u all are welcome to check out.. It's been awhile since i had any projects, but because of a new job I landed a few months back i got a few extra dollars here and there. So like any man I like my gadgets. i started the build on this rig probably back at the first of November i had all parts by the 15th. i'm slowly starting up again and I wanna overclock this cpu. Like most ppl with the FX i'm kinda disappointed but these things are built to OC. I'm not real sure where to set a goal to reach. 4Ghz, 4.5Ghz, **** maybe 5Ghz. i been tossing the idea of letting u guys build the cooling system on this thing. what do u guys think? whats the best set up to go with to get the most out of my rig? Air cooled? Water cooled? i hear great things about Noctua NH-D14. i hear EK has some awsome water blocks. i hear alot of stuff but what is gonna get the most out of what i got? whats overkill? whats not enough? i also think my ram is not up to par. should i ditch the ram and get better. and is the 6970 enough for two 32 inch tv's runing 1080i running 1920x1080?


coolermaster HAF 932
ASUS Crosshair V Formula
AMD FX 8120
SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6970
G.Skill sniper 16GB 1600
60gb SSD
1 x 600Gb HDD
1 x 500Gb HDD
Kingwin lazer 1000w modular psu
ASUS el cheapo 24x dvd burner
Hauppauge Colossus
40-1 card reader
NZXT sentry LX dual bay fan controler
NZXT IU01 internal usb expansion


had to put my thumb over the crazy bright blue led

quick side shot

did some cable managemet today looks nice from this side

cant say the same for this side

this is the coolest thing since ice cream
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Well i finally droped the bomb and ordered all my water cooling parts. ended up costing a grip. i still dont think my pump is gonna be good enough we will see though. well guess im out till my parts get here
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