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It does sound like either the PSU or motherboard is not properly supplying or filtering voltages. Also, make sure there isn't any shorting going on with the USB socket itself.

I had a USB pen catch fire on me once as my teacher accidentally kicked my computer (school PC), this broke the front USB panel (the metal bits were all out of shape) which in turn caused sparks, a puff of smoke and one dead USB pen. So just make sure the ports are all done up correctly!
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You sure it wasn't just your USB internal header plugged into a Firewire port?  You should check that right away!

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Did I mention that my 4th grade teacher called me "the absent minded professor"?

You, my friend, were exactly right. Your diagnosis was spot on and you didn't even see my board, I'm sincerely impressed.

I've been building my own boxes for about 12 years and I've never made that mistake, I guess the different color header should have given me a clue. Generally in computer building it's *somewhat* safe to say, "if it fits there it goes there, if not it doesn't" but the firewire header has the same pinout as the USB and is fairly close in proximity. In my defense, the IE1394 can only be read if you get down below the PCI-E slot and squint, right by the header is an upside down "1524" which I figured was just the designation for that particular USB header.

Where'd I put my keyboard again? Oh wait, I'm typing on it.

In all seriousness though how bad do you think I screwed my system up? I'm assuming there was some damage done since the internal card reader with USB ports I installed (in a correct header) was also giving me problems.




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