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That stock cooler must be absolutely HORRIBLE if your getting those temps after the mod. Even with my ASUS DCII with stock cooling with the mod I don't even reach anything over 62C... Have you made a custom fan profile in Afterburner? I would imagine so...

btw. I'm running 1.075V on my chip. 1.025V is stock. You might want to consider looking at different cooling options if its still that hot. I'm sure you get unstability issues when it gets that hot. I got errors no matter what OC when I was over 73-74C on my chip. Arctic Cooling makes some great air coolers, or you could look into a water cooling mod for your card...that'd work great since I believe your running SLI?
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Originally Posted by Xinoxide View Post

I did sand down those edges. Its also overclocked. At the same settings this is like a 20C difference.
With stock clocks and voltage, 82-84C is the normal load temperature in my room, which to be honest can get a little toasty.

Sounds about right. The 470 is a very toasty card, part of the reason why I switched from my stock EVGA 470 to the MSI 560ti Twin Frozr II. I know it's only a "side-upgrade" but having reduced power consumption, much lower load and idle temps, and quieter fans (vs the dust buster 470) makes it very worth my while.
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wow. I have a sandwiched gtx 480 SLI both overclocked, living in a hot, humid place here in Manila but I never saw my temps go above 100 degrees tongue.gif
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Im running a 9600GT on top of the 470. It doesnt seem to impact my temps, and is more or less just for my 19" CRT's on the sides of my 22".

I think this is the best ill get this card to with this cooler, and i do plan to get an aftermarket cooler, It just wont fit currently in my case.

After my I5 2500K ( or SB-E/IB equiv ) upgrade to an atx form factor i do plan to grab a nice big cooler for it to hold me over until im ready for a new card.

As it stands the 470 is more than I need for my resolution/usage so ill keep it for a while.

Here is a shot of how much space i wish i had.

These are older shots before the 9600GT. Currently theres a 9600 in top slot, and the 470 in the bottom.
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I'm running 1.075V on my chip. 1.025V is stock.

My lowest vid for stable stock clocks is .925. I have completely lost the actual stock bios of the card as its an unlocked 465.
Its just the nature of the 400 series to eat lots of watts, and not volts.
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