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I bought a sapphire 6950 1gb in February and it has served me well but in August after tiring of how loud it is I bought a Fractal Design Defini Mini. I thought with the better airflow (old case only had 1 intake & 1 exhaust fan) and the sound dampening of the case it would be quieter but lately it seems even worse. I have currently 3 120mm intake fans and 1 120mm exhaust fan, I even had another fan blowing air from the side of the case right on the card but it just allowed more noise to leave the case. I'm wondering if the poor support the card has since it sags a little has pulled the heatsink off the gpu die a little.

I installed a custom fan profile to keep it cooler but it still hits 100% fan speed in GTA IV, Skyrim, Witcher 2 etc... and it gets close to 90*C sometimes 92*C.
I undervolted it with MSI afterburner but the lowest I could reach stable was 1.024 and it only dropped temps by 2*C
All my case fans have grills for dust but I still cleaned them and there is no dust on the gpu
My cpu only hits around 60*C and there are 2 open PCI 16x slots below the card open so it shouldn't be starved for air or pulling in hot air
It is not overclocked, unlocked, or overvolted

I'm thinking if I pulled the heatsink off and reapplied thermal paste it may go back to the 75*C it used to run at but I've never taken apart a gpu and I do not want to destroy it
I could sell this card and wait for the 7800 series but it doesnt look performance will increase and that would cost me $50-100
I could buy a cooler and install it but that would cost $50
I sent the box to a friend with an old gpu inside it to install in his computer and he tossed the box so I can't return it to sapphire

Here is a link to the exact card, in the review they only hit 72*C

Any help/thoughts appreciated, thanks