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ARMA II anyone?

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So I got ArmA X during the steam sale an have been playing ArmA II Campaign and tutorials (learning how to do everything)
So when i play online i havent found many people to play with. Is this because no one plays ArmA II anymore?
Or am i doing something wrong?

Now mods, I have read some about the ArmA II ACE mod, how good is this mod, do you think i should get it (cant check as college has firewall which stops me frown.gif )
Any other mods i should get?

Clans, where can i find a clan to play with as there isnt one here on OCN and the ArmA forums are not so good.

and finally anyone wanna play tonight or sometime soon? tongue.gif

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you may want to make sure u launch arma 2 with operation arrowhead(OA) expansion,BAF and PMC DLCs. i think there are more servers and more people playing Combined Operations(CO),which is original arma 2 + OA, than just the original arma 2.

ACE can be a hateable thing in pub servers,as it could crash servers that are not running the mod,although i dont know if its still the case now. so its best to only launch the mod when u are certain that u will host /join servers that will require it.
the mod itself is quite nice ,it enhances (or complicates) a few features like first aid,weight system,mortar operation,static weapon mounting, and others that im not familiar with lol. content wise it adds a lot of firearm,gadgets and vehicles. you should get it of course if you know people who play with the mod.

as for clans i cant really help coz i just play with a few frds of mine on the other side of the planet. perhaps u can check out a forum in armaholic.com or randomly search groups in steam lol.
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Fair does an yer i was already using Combined Operations xD but i still have trouble joining,

Well if anyone willing to play ArmA II with a noob be sure PM me thumb.gif
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