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I wouldn't say it's a huge upgrade in terms of FPS, in fact a single 7970 may be a tiny bit slower on average, at least at single monitor resolutions ... but ... by going that route you get rid of any crossfire issues like the occasional lack of support on new titles, and possible microstutter. Also when there's a lot of tessellation, the 7970 will blow the 2x5850's away, because the 5xxx-series is very weak on that front, even w/2 of them.
If I had a 5850 I would prefer to sell it and get a 7970 (or a 7950, those will likely be a lot better bang-for-buck cards) rather than going 2 x 5850 ... however, if you're already nicely set up for xfire (i.e. a board with the support and a 700W PSU or better), I don't think there's any question that value-wise, grabbing another 5850 is going to be a lot cheaper path to pretty similar performance.

Agreed, I'm going this route. Just bought another 5870 for x-fire should be similar performance for a fraction of the cost. Little worried about x-fire related issues, but that's part of the fun of being an enthusiast. Enjoy! BTW you can probably pick up a 5850 for $120. thumb.gif