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If you can afford it, the MSI 990FX board you linked is pretty awesome. I've had great experience with MSI's AM3 motherboards so far.

I DID !! The dealer did me a favor !! I've sent a lot of business to him over the years !! So he pretty much gave it to me at no profit smile.gif Its for 13K online, 11K otherwise in the market ,and I got it for 9.K ... smile.gif The APS is pretty cool smile.gif

I wonder why you'd say AM3 mobos by MSI were any good ?? ?

Check out the VRM (AMD) info list over at OCN .. scary stuff their mosfets collapsing everywhere except for the latest 990** series , and at the very least 4+1 setups still are pretty unreliable .

Mine, so far, BETTER than my 8+2 setup on my previous Asus M4785TD-V EVO..

Anyway , has a terrible time with Asus and got a FULL refund at the end of the day ( that's running between their service centres *outsourced* customer service center and head office all in a day's work ! Wow. MSI was the logical step up it seemed. Either MSI's new boards, or GB* and they've had their own share of problems ( besides their FUGLY mobos).