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[F@H] GTX 570 help please!

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Folks, I have posted several gtx 570 threads on ocn about mine, which id say maybe 2...3 months ago lost 3 small 1mm capacitors from the rear of the GPU circuit board when I removed it from my computer. The GPU has been running fine ever since and temps have been kept under 65C since it happened as a matter of course on my part.

I tried folding today with it none stop for the first time since it happened, and its been folding for about 8 hours now, max temp is 50c smile.gif

Is this a good indicator that the card is gonna be ok regardless of the damage? I play BF3 on it daily also and *touches wood* not had any problems with it.

People said the capacitors were for voltage control, so if voltage controles are now broke, id expect big voltage boosts and extra temps, but surely its ok to run it folding so long as temps are low?
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Most likely these are decoupling caps for noise and such, not voltage control.
If so there will be several if not hundreds of these in parallel on the card and loosing 3 will have little effect unless their location was strategic.
Were they close to any integrated circuit packages that you can tell? Close in this case would be within a millimeter.

Edit: Better yet, post a picture showing where they were located.
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sure, heres a pic:

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They do appear to be near the back side of BGA style packages and are, again, most likely de-coupling (bypass) caps. I see two missing. I take it the third is the one close to the one on the right side of the mounting screw that appears to be rotated slightly. That one would concern me a little if it is loose and could rotate more and short out a trace. From what I can tell the solder pads for all are still intact? If so, that would be an easy repair if you knew the correct values.
At this point I think you are fine if it is workng under load conditions.
The caps being missing would only have an effect if your supply voltage was extremely "dirty" with noise.
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what does bypass cap mean? Are you 100% sure thats what these are given thier location?

I do have the remaining parts in a bag ready to be resoldered, I just dont know anyone with the tools.
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Bypass is a common term for decoupling caps. Caps used to decouple noise from one part of a circuit to another.
No, I can't be 100% sure because I did not design the card and I don't have access to a schematic of it.
I based my opinion on the fact I have designed dozens of high-speed circuit boards over my 30+ years of engineering work.
Simple items like bypass circuitry "looks" a certain way when you lay it out on the board.
If you have the parts and the traces are intact then by all means get it repaired properly. So much the better.
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