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6950 reference card 1gb or 2gb??

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i want to get a 6950 shortly after 7000 series release...

I know reference 2gb can flash to 6970..........but just want to know how much of a difference between 1gb and 2 gb version...i might upgrade to dual monitor soon....does 2gb help ?

how can i tell if it is reference board ?

I want to install a aftermarket cooler on the card (AC Accelero Extreme Plus II), does it fit to non-reference board ?

also, how is the overclockability of this card?
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If going dual monitor I would suggest the 2GB variety thumb.gif the extra vRAM can help when playing at high res, and some games eat vRAM for breakfast.

But to be more specific which monitors are you looking at?

Also, post a link here to the card you are thinking of getting.

i just had a quick search for that cooler;

the bottom small text reads;

"The compatibility list is based on AMD Radeon and NVIDIA's reference board layout only. ARCTIC holds no responsibility for incompatibility on non reference boards. Please check the height restriction drawing before purchase."

So reference boards only according to their site.

As far as OC'ing the card goes, quite a large number of people I know bought this card over the 6970, and just overclocked it to and above 6970 speeds, so you should be good for 900MHz or more, but that depends on your setup (the airflow in your case will dictate how far you can OC before it gets too hot) thumb.gif
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I am thinking of getting another monitor...probably Q3 or maybe Q4 this year...
I am using Dell 2412M...probably will get another 2412M if I go dual

Yea I know the aftermarket cooler only fit reference board, and I just found out 6950 1GB has no reference board. I email AC to check if the cooler will fit on 1GB version

I think 1GB version is at the sweet spot in terms of price...I might consider to get 560ti....

6950>560ti, right ?
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Well here are some benchies between the 1GB 560 and 6950;

But if you do plan on going multi monitor at some point I would stick with AMD/ATI. Just my $0.02 thumb.gif
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