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Advice for upgrading for Battlefield 3

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Hi, wanted to ask for an advice to upgrade for BF3 with good level detail , not ultra, dont care directx11, over 1850x1050 display.

This my spec:
INTEL Core i7 Quad 920 2.66Ghz 8Mb Box S1366
POINT OF VIEW GeForce GTX260 EXO 55nm PCI-E 216 core
CORSAIR TX850 Alimentatore 850W SingleFan PFC Sli ready ATX
SAMSUNG SpinPoint F1 1TB 32Mb SATA2
LG H22LS DVD-RW SATA 22X Nero LightScribe
MONITOR Samsung 2333RZ 22" (with KIT 3D NVIDIA)
MOUSEPAD CM STORM HS-M Weapon of Choice M4
Windows 7 Professional 64bit

I removed hyperthread and turboboost, increased to 2.93Ghz (tried 3.20 but bf3 crashed at first) with asus rog.
Dont wanted spend lot, maybe later a gtx 770, for now tought buy another POINT OF VIEW GeForce GTX260 EXO 55nm PCI-E 216 core for 100€ new, in sli, saw few benchmark and was fine playing it with good detail, what u think?
What if I buy also Corsair Kit DDR3 6144MB (3X2GB) 1600MHz Dominator CL8 for 60€? It's necessary to upgrade from 3 to 6gb ram?btw possible to leave 3 gb ram + new 6gb ram? difference between cl8 and cl9? Any other advice for my configuration?
Thanks in advice
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Upgrade the RAM to 6GB
It is possible to leave the 3GB in there and add another 6GB, but I would advise against populating all the RAM slots on the board. It will hamper your OC, which is already struggling by the sound of it.
What does you 3GB RAM consist of? I'm, guess its 3 x 1GB sticks?

As for the GPU, you could pick up another 260, sure. Or you could go with a 6850 which would give you good frames at that resolution.

Just my $0.02 thumb.gif

EDIT: The difference between C8 and C9 is negligible. You won't notice the difference in day-to-day usage ;thumb:
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Yes, it's 3x1gb ram and i'd prefer to remain with nvidia.. In case there is gtx 560 ti 448 but for 260€ i'd prefer to wait for next gtx 7xx to do a good video card upgrade, if a gtx260 216 sli is enough smile.gif
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In that case get another 260 on the cheap and SLI it.
Also, you should probably up the RAM to 6GB, but this really depends on what else you use your rig for. Either way, something to consider is that RAM is dirt cheap at the moment so you're prolly better off picking up 6GB anyway thumb.gif

Also, you could pick up an SSD, even if its just a 64GB Crucial M4 for the OS? I bought one and its an amazing upgrade thumb.gif
Just something to consider.
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But about ssd, it immprove only loading time of games or also more fluidibility during the game?
And buying one like 120gb only for win7 and game/program, well i think will have early to install pgm and game on a external hd...
what about a cache ssd?
like 60gb version(30gb without reserved space) is a good option? (140€ 60gb cache ssd vs 140€ 120gb normal ssd)
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