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Well I guess for the sake of the safety I will take out the hard drives,gpu and cooler when I will take a flight.
I would mind going mATX if i had the money to buy a new motherboard ^_^
Thanks for suggestions though smile.gif
Man this whole thing on small form factors is so interesting smile.gif I just want to go nuts and build a new small form factor rig , just because!

most people buy a tower case because they THINK they'll need a bigger case. 95+% of the people that uses a computer, only use 1 expansion slot for the GPU. thats it. all other devices are on the mobo. onboard LAN, onboard audio, onboard sata controller... the latest computer i built was an ITX board with a 2500k and a 275GTX. BUT, with the right chassis (SG07) and the AXP140 it CAN take a 2600k with 7970 GPU and have enough power to drive that system. you wont be OCing that rig, but do you REALLY need more power then that in whatever game you are playing?

if you DO need MORE power.... then a TJ08-E CAN xfire a pair of 7970 with the maximus IV gene-Z board + NH-D14 and you can OC it to whatever you like. it's not hard to find a quality 850w powersupply that will fit in the TJ08-E and that's really all you need for that system.

if you need even more power then THAT, then you can't transporting the system anyway because it'll exceed the weight and size limit for a carry on luggage biggrin.gif but seriously, you'll also need to transport like 3 monitors and a whole crap load of stuff that goes with that rig, otherwise what's the point of having a system THAT powerful?biggrin.gif

SFF is not a choice that people typically think they have. but it makes alot more sense then most people realize.