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Advice on an upgrade?

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Hi, basically in March I'm going to have another £500 (about $800) to spend on my system and I need some help choosing components.

With that budget I'm hoping I could get a new CPU, Mobo and RAM, but I'm having trouble deciding on what category of CPU to go for.

I was interested in the 2700k as apparently it is essentially a pedigree 2600k, but then I would only have Dual-Channel RAM, whereas with Sandybridge-E I would have Quad-Channel. Also the 2700k will be essentially last gen when Ivybridge is released.

However in terms of Sandybridge-E the 3930k may be too expensive for my budget and apparently it is fairly overkill for simply gaming purposes.

Then there is the issue of Ivybridge, I'm hearing mixed reports that it may not support USB 3.0 (however as with anything in computing rumours, it's probably a load of s**t).

I'm thinking budget-wise the CPU should be around £250, the Mobo around £180 and the RAM around £70, could anyone give me advice on a good choice of Mobo and RAM if I was to go with the 2700K I would be very grateful.

Also I'm planning to cool the CPU with the Corsair H100 and the rest of my system specs are (in case the aren't below):

Intel Q9500 @ Stock Clock
ASUS P5Q (Don't mock me wink.gif )
Cooler Master V8 Air Cooler
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD
ASUS Blu-Ray Burner
Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800W
120GB OCZ Agility SSD
Around 2TB in other HDD's
8GB Crucial DDR-800 RAM (Crap I know)

Thanks in advance!
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wave2.gif HI , IMO you should get the 2500k (2600k/2700k without hyperthreading but way cheaper) if it is mainly for gaming (absolute same performance), take a look at the Asrock Boards (the Z68 professional is sweet thumb.gif) , get the 8gb ram set that you find the coolest (same price / you can overclock) and for the corsair H100 , get aftermarket fans (stock get loud) like the Gentle Typhoon AP-15 (absolute best noise/performance ratio thumbsupsmiley.png)

sorry , i can't give much advice on the X79 / LGA 2011 frown.gif

and finally , don't forget to overclock your cpu or else h100 will be a waste (and you will bottleneck your gpu) doh.gif
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I think I know what you want, you want a unlocked CPU, for under $250, might I add. and you want to overclock it. I would stick to asus, they are a good company. I would recommend (because it's me, a amd fan):
I think you should buy a FX-8100 ($220) and overclock to 4.8 Ghz (yes, that is fast and you'll not have a problem for a couple years and that speed). Or higher depending on what temps you get. I like to think of it as a quad module each one able to take 2 threads. amd's hyper-threading. May I add that Amd's motherboards get high end at the saber-tooth ($175 on newegg). It is very strong and can easily be overclocked and has temp sensors and high quality/overclocking ability. Hope this helps.
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Hmm yeah , but i think the sandy bridge processors currently are the best for gaming : look wink.gif
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this is what i think is currently best for your Gaming PC smile.gif
hope that helps smile.gif
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Thanks very much Tarun, you get +rep biggrin.gif, and I'd love to get the higher end set of stuff you listed, but there is a 20% tax on stuff coming into the UK plus shipping and other tax so the stuff would end up being hugely expensive, the cheapest I've found the 3930K for over here is £470 (~$730). Thanks for the help regardless though smile.gif

NB - Is the G.SKILL Sniper RAM much better than the Corsair vengeance? I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to which RAM is better other than it's clock speed. Thanks again.
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the ones that i have listed are low voltages (only 1.35v @ 1600Mhz 9CL) so u can overclock quit well thumb.gif
a little personal advice go locally and find out the prices wink.gifthumb.gif
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I can't imagine a situation in which a 2600k under a Corsair H100 with 8gb 1866mhz ram, probably running at about 4.7ghz give or take, would be a limiting factor enough to warrant concern. The 2700k *might* hit a multiplier or three higher, but really it's not going to matter, even in SLI. The motherboard is IvyBridge ready anyway, and is a very good performer. Other options for colour schemes:



and you can get any of the similarly priced Corsair RAM models in red/black/blue. Gskill RAM is probably better as I'm not sure the Corsair Vengeance kits have been overclocking well, I know mine don't. But Sandy Bridge CPU's love frequency (and could care less about timings) with sweet spot between 1600 and 1866, performance plateauing after such. Since you overclock Sandy Bridge with the multiplier, it really doesn't matter. Run these or similar RAM sticks at stock speeds and you're good to go. Memory bandwith is already huge.


Oh yeah, and in gaming, you really won't see a difference between an overclocked 2600k and a 3930k overclocked ... unless you were running tri/quad next-gen GPU's (GTX680's or HD7970's), but your scores would still be so high it wouldn't matter the slightest.

*edit 2* AND ... these are stock prices now. Scan.co.uk has these same exact items (perhaps excluding RAM) on sale right now in their Daily deals, which run the same across the weekend, and I know for a fact that these same items come up on sale at Scan every few weekends, I've seen it for a while now ... holding myself back from purchases I really shouldn't make haha. anyway, point is you'll get it cheaper for sure whenever you purchase if you pick your time right.
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Scan.co.uk is the "UK Newegg" in my experience. Consistently the lowest or competitive in prices compared with other sites, which do occasionally beat them, but I like the ease of shipping from one place knowing you're getting as good (or close too) value as possible.
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Thanks for the help +rep, and I'm somewhat reluctant to go for anything Fatal1ty branded, I hate him biggrin.gif

Still not sure whether Ivybridge will be better, if the sockets are the same I might just buy the motherboard first then see how good Ivybridge is.

Thanks for the ideas, now just to decide what to get biggrin.gif
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