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Originally Posted by mtuccio
Good advice RyGuy....Turbulant air inside a case can be a bad as NO FANS at all.....With the Zalman, position it so that it draws air from the front of the case and towards the back. Use a 120 to pull air in from the front and then use another 120 to draw air out from the back. Don't use crazy CFM fans. I use Arctic Cooling 120mm with 7V adapters on them all of the time for this purpose. They are about 53-56 CFM.

PS - Don't position the Zalman to blow air into the PSU (If you can)....Why would you want to add HOT air to an already very HOT and underventilated system component.

Hope this Helps!
Actually everything is positioned correctly. I think its my Zalman cooler, as it seems like ithas an uneven finish. Might lap that and the cpu as well. Thanks.
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I dropped about 14c lapping my CPU and Zalman 9500, but that's just my experience. I had a high edge on my CPU right out of the box (52c running stock settings under load), so my results may be extreme. Now I'm at 40c under load with 25% OC.

As far as lapping the Zalman, mine was perfectly flat. I could have left it and probably got the same results. That's not to say yours doesn't need it. Mark it corner to corner with an X and lightly lap it with the fine paper, if the X is gone right away, just give it a polishing.

Good luck, it is a lot of work so make sure you have plenty of time. It was totally worth it to me and I enjoyed the experience.
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