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Memory Overclock to 1600

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I have a MSI 870S-G46 motherboard and i can OC my memory to 1600 its at 1333 right now! My memory is G.Skill 2x4gb Sniper Series 1.5 low voltage

Im a noob coming to overclocking.... I know your all gonna say if you don't know what to do why even try? Well i want to start learning how to get the most out of my hardware and i think memory would be easy! So can you guys Guide me to overclocking success of my ram?

Much appreciated!


also my cpu is a amd phenom x4 955 if you need that
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You should be able to go into the BIOS and select the 1600 MHz. RAM speed option. Your RAM may or may not support the higher frequency. You may also need to up the RAM voltage or lower the RAM latencies to run stable at 1600 MHz. or it's possible your hardware simply will not run stable at 1600 MHz. The only way to know is to test and see.

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You should pay attention to the fact that this motherboard has a high VRM failure rate with 125W processors (read the "About VRMs & MOSFETs" link in my sig)

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I OC'ed my 1333 to 1600 and it messed up the timings and could sort it so not running overclocked but might try again some time

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