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im starting to design and build an arduino based fan controller, well fan controller is a bit of an understatement, i plan on it being able to control rgb leds, fans, temperature sensors, lc loop pumps, flow meters, etc all via a touchscreen mounted in a 5.25 drive bay as well as an in os program

some of the features i plan on incorporating and a better explanation of them :

Computer peripheral systems control unit
-6 fan channels (each support 2 fans at 2k rpm)
- 6 radiator fan channels (each support 3 fans at 1500rpm or two at 2000rpm)
-10 rgb led headers (8 leds max per header)
-touchscreen lcd
-software control
-10 temperature sensor headers
-2 pump channels, control 2 pumps each
- 4 flow meter headers
-6 cold cathode channels (4 headers per channel max)
-10 led channels(4 headers each, 10 leds per header)
-12 rgb led channels(3 headers each, 4 leds per header max)
-always on power
-alarm if one or all temps reach a certain level
-alarm if any fans drop below a certain rpm
-auto pump power off if a flow meter drops a certain amount below its regular rpm
-Auto system cut if all fans stop spinning, cpu or gpu reach above a certain temp, flow meters drop past a certain point, or a pump stops functioning
-speed up radiator fans if liquid temps get to a certain temp
-leds change color depending on ambient temps
-ability to name each fan, led, channel etc depending on location
-sidepanel open alert
-front panel switches (power on/off reset controller backlight on/off leds on/off fans on/off cold cathode on/off)

(a channel can have multiple headers but they wont show up individually, but as a channel, which can be named in the gui to whatever you like, and all headers will be controlled together)

if you have any other ideas please let me know, or if you have any experience with hardware design, im also collaborating with a friend of mine-archio as he is known on here, and he will be doing the software design, and i will be doing the firmware, and the hardware, if anyone has any interest in purchasing one, once they are in a more ocmplete stage let me know as well, since ill probably be needing to get a number of pcbs, but by the time i get to getting the pcbs made ill have made a breadboard working prototype