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Ek Water Blocks Good to Go?

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As newegg may end up giving me a refund instead of a replacement for a gtx580 leading me to get the 7970. My rig is ready for water cooling and if I get the 7970s they will be under water.

So, Has EK cleared up the Nickle Coating problems?

I was reading an article about someone having a problem with a gold plated EK block, but looks like an isolated problem.

Would anyone else feel comfortable shelling out for their nickle plated products at this point?

They seem like they would have the best water blocks as long as they don't flake out on me.
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Haven't been many complains as of late..ever since ek changed to their en plating process. Most of the times these things are luck of the draw, all nickel blocks have a chance to flake it's just that better prep and nickel plating processes lower the chances. Most of the blocks in my loops are from EK and they're all nickel plated both EN and non EN. None of them have shown signs of flaking from their last teardown and cleaning which was 2weeks - a month ago. Even if they flaked I probably wouldn't bother worrying and keep them in the loop since it doesn't affect performance and it's not like they'll flake off in giant pieces to damage anything.

If you're worried about nickel flaking you could always go with copper blocks.
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