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i see.
from what i've read, the current i5/i7's are more than fast enouhg for the average users, what will the newer cpus (3570/3770) do for the average user? will the increased speeds be noticeable? or will the speeds only show up on benchmarks and multi app/video processing etc

The major gains expected from Ivy Bridge are in power consumption and possibly overclocking ability. Stock speed performance will be only marginally better than the current i5/i7s. The i7 3770K is 3.50GHz and the i5 3570K is 3.40GHz, so the stock clock speed gains from the current i5/i7s are negligible. There might be a slight 5-10% increase in performance per clock, but Ivy Bridge is still the same architecture, so it shouldn't be anything major.

The overclocking ability of Ivy Bridge is a complete unknown. If it's good, it's one thing that could make Ivy Bridge a worthwhile upgrade from a Sandy Bridge CPU. Since you said in the original post that your brother isn't planning on overclocking, then an upgrade to Ivy Bridge really isn't something that needs to be in the cards.

The final improvement for Ivy Bridge is integrated graphics performance, but I presume that your brother will be using a discrete graphics card, so that isn't much to be concerned about either.