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I have just changed my side panel of my Haf X to the 932 window, and i didn't make any changes to my gpu temp, i actually belive it helped my build to remove the fan, as my gpu temp seems 1'c lower now on idle, think the side fan messed with the normal airflow of the case, but then again no aircon and ambient temperature has not been mesured, so its within the margin of errors..

You can see my build here, (havn't had time to update the thread with pictures of the new sidepanel as i have just gotten it, i also swapped the front logo of cooler master out with the nvidia logo from the nvidia edition, minus the green parts ofcourse - only the nvidia logo)

ps, its a Thermochill TA120.3 i have mounted in the top.

If you are up for it and have enough 5½" bays for it, i would remove the hdd-rack like i did and install either a 120.2 or 140.2 if room, on the floor (or the phobya 200xtreme as i did) and mount whatever drives you have in the 5½bays-
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