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this is with llc at 2
llc 1 has voltage go up to 1.33
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Originally Posted by ChevChelios View Post

I have an ASRock Z77 Pro 3 (BIOS 2.10) and an i7 3770K

I currently use the pre-set Turbo 4.2 mode in BIOS, which basically auto-OCs me to 4200

Ive tried going to 4400-4500 a few times, playing with some voltages, but never got it stable even at 4400 (using the pre-set 4.4 Turbo mode also isnt stable)

this mobo is pretty budget, not the best for overclocking, is that why I cant OC more ?

or was I doing something wrong ?

Can someone with Z77 Pro 3 or similar give me a rough idea/approximate of what voltage settings/values I should set (or at least start with) to get 3770K to 24/7 stable at 4500 or 4400 ?

Much obliged

edit: from reading this thread it looks like I could start with:
- off-set of +0.005
- Turbo Voltage +0.050 or so (maybe higher) if Im going for 4.5 GHz

not sure what my LLC level should be set to .. 3 ? Any other settings to change ?

try if your cooling is water and quality using turbo volts of +0.090 to get 4.7. 4.5 maybe +0.080 and wind it back till you fail prime?
leave llc at 2 (1 worked well for me too)

if you give all your bios settings I bet I can help you dude
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Hi Guys,

Major thanks for the guide, it has worked smoothly so far

However, I am running into an issue pushing past 4.4ghz


i5 3570k

2x 4gb g skill ares 1600 RAM 1.5V

When I try to push to 4.5gz, I get the BSOD 0x50

I've tried increasing VTT to 1.1 (previously it was set to automatic and showed something like 1.068)

I still get the same BSOD 0x50

Should I increase my ram voltage to 1.55V? Is this safe? Or do I need to keep increasing VTT? I can't seem to find much information on VTT.

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The setup (what matters)

Core i7-3770 and Asrock Z77 Pro-4.


I own a Core i7-3770 (non-K version) with maximum turbo boost of 4.3GHz (actually 4.3/4.3/4.2/4.1) with a Z77 motherboard.

When setting the multiplier to 43, the maximum temperatures when running Prime95 and IBT wasn't making me happy, sometimes would go as high as 90°C, so I decided to make a manual fine tuning in LLC and base/additional turbo boost voltage.

The first thing I had to do is to find the lowest stable VID with turbo boost disabled (base clock of 3.4 GHz), then after find how many additional voltage I have to add to the base VID to make the CPU stable when the maximum turbo boost kicks in.

I managed to find a base VID of 0.880v (24h of Prime95 blend and 50 IBT passes@maximum stable), this makes happy because the maximum temperature was 58°C during the tests, then I were about to proceed to enable turbo boost, bump additional turbo boost voltage and run a new batch of tests, but something caught my attention.

Using HWINFO and AIDA64 to log data from sensors, I noticed that the TDP remained the same (about 58W) no matter how low the VID was, this means that the electric current would just go up as I reduced the VID to keep the TDP the same. What I mean is:

Stock 3.4GHz VID @ 1.220
58W = i * 1.220V, so i = 47.54A

Undervolted 3.4GHz VID @ 0.880V
58W = i * 0.880V, so i = 64.91A

The questions:

The abnormal increase of current is going to stress or damage my CPU and motherboard VRM running this undervolt 24/7?

I am missing something and the sensors are inaccurate, or my assumption that the current is being bumped up to compensate the lower voltages is right?
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0x50 = RAM timings/Frequency or uncore multi unstable, increase RAM voltage or adjust QPI/VTT, or lower uncore if you're higher than 2x

leave your vtt at auto

I have clocked my 3570k three deifferent ways now.
offset, fixed, and turbo voltage and only ever had to change my ram volts to 1.65-1.70 depending...
llc I find is best at 2 or in some cases 1.

run stock cpu and just oc your ram to see what volts it needs at what settings

oh and don't care what anyone says... I disable all c states in all circumstances
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