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Hi, I can't figure out how to install the AHCI driver "MakeDiskMCP72_AHCI_SATARAID" for my old mobo = ASUS crosshair II formula, that my son is using now, when i run the .exe i get this message = "Due to Windows 7 make disk driver is oversized to floppy disc, when creating a RAID configuration under Windows 7, please install the SATA driver through SCD/SDVD or USB thumb drive" & i tried those options but i still get the same message, this has been a prob for a long time & the only way i have managed to get around it, is by enabling AHCI in the BIOS & then manually creating channel's in the registry, + i dont know if it makes any differents, but i would prefer to install the AHCI driver rather than maually doing it.

Has anyone been able to install this type of AHCI drive? your help would be greatly appreciated.