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The power will operate independent of the molex. I'd check the actual connectors on the molex connection inside the plastic. Also check with a power tester all the way up to the controller. They are known to slip out. If that's not it, I'd guess you blew the controller. They are very cheap and I cut mine out right out as soon as I opened the box.
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Thanks. I found a short in the cable. Can you tell me what you mean by you cut yours out?
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I completely removed the controller and unattached all the LED and fan wires at the source. They are just hot glued on. It cleans up all that wire mess.
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I see. Thanks for explaining.
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Video of my case being painted.
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Well, I bought a Dremel 4200 from Home Depot (got it on sale) and did some minimally invasive surgery to get the H105 pump/waterblock to fit through the two oval grommeted holes from the bottom [snipped the taint to give birth essentially :-) ]. I now have a Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate (360mm rad) installed up top and the Corsair H105 (240mm rad) installed down below on the two radiator brackets included with the case. I have an Asus X99 Deluxe that has like 7 (including CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT) fan power connections on the mobo. I've installed 10 blue Areocool DS 120mm fans (3 on rad up top, 2 on rad down below, 2 mounted on side of top HDD cage blowing on M.2 and GPU, 2 below in lower HDD fan holder, and 1 lower front) and 1 blue DS 140mm fan (upper rear exhaust).

These are 3 pin fans, so I can't take advantage of PWM. They each come with a 3 pin male adapter to 4 pin power molex (male and female looks like). I bought the Cosmos 2 back in mid December 2014 brand new from Newegg (I know ... I've been slacking on completing this build), so I'm hoping it has the updated fan controller. My PSU is a Corsair AX1200i. As I see it, I could power all these fans three different ways. One way is to use the built in Cosmos 2 fan controller (will use it for the 200mm blue led fan that came with the case), which I've read quite a few negative comments about. Another way is to use some Y splitters and use all 7 of the fan power connections on the mobo, although I wonder how well that will provide power to all the fans, especially on the 3 to 1 splitter for the top mounted rad. The third way is to use the 4 pin power molex connectors and power all the fans directly from the PSU. Which option do you guys think is the best? Thanks.
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I've done a ton of work on my case to get all the drives in it I wanted. Only problem is now that it is fully assembled, and all the additional fans put in, the only one I notice is the front fan that came with the case. Are there any good videos showing how to replace the front fan? Mine has an electrical buzzing type sound to it - I have it set on low.
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You can take it out and just use the 140/120s in the front. Cooler master fans are garbage. The fan bracket slides out when you take the 4 screws out from both sides. Then take the fan off the bracket.
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Thanks - I see - I didn't know how to do it but with your explanation and downloading the manual it doesn't look bad. I wish Noctua made an LED fan smile.gif
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My system isn't fancy looking or as nearly tidy as some cases but due to my relatively quick mods it now holds 100TB and is still very quiet -

I figure this will hold me about 4 years until LARGE SSDs are affordable.

I cut out a hole on the side of the top 5.25" bays on the wiring side and put in a slim 120x14mm fan for a little air flow as I'm using the stock hot swap bays for permanent raid members. I ended up replacing the stock hot swop cage hard wired interposers with these. They took a little over 2 weeks to arrive since they come from China. Newegg and Amazon carry them (among other places).
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